TargetScan Touch™ System -
      TargetScan Touch™ 3D Ultrasound System

TargetScan Touch is a stereotactic prostate biopsy and treatment system, whose breakthrough technology introduces a new generation of prostate diagnosis and treatment solutions that will drive how prostate disease is managed in the future.  TargetScan’s proprietary robotic technology offers an unparalleled level of precision and ease of use during prostate imaging, biopsy, procedure planning, and treatment delivery. This level of control and the resultant confidence in targeting cannot be achieved by any other system in the market.

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The TargetScan System components include:
  • Patented endorectal probe with multiplane mechanical transducer with 3D solid volume imaging capability
  • PC based digital hardware incorporating proprietary software platform for comprehensive imaging, planning, targeting and data storage/retrieval
  • TargetScan controller, with an Image Plane Visualization positioner, for fully automated transducer movement and precise scanning control
  • TargetScan platform providing stable and fixed probe positioning
  • Targeted biopsy system with single use needle and guide and multi-position probe carriage providing full sagittal and transverse access to the target site.


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